Frequently Asked Questions


Will your all-star program be high school friendly?

Steele Athletics’s philosophy on high school teams is simple: We don’t just allow it, we encourage it! It is very important that kids are allowed to be kids. Some of the best growing tools a child has is the opportunity to be involved with as many activities as possible. It creates well rounded individuals. Our all-star athletes, even our upper level athletes, will never be forced to choose.


What will the travel schedule look like for your competitive teams?

Steele Athletics will be traveling ONE time as a program to an out of state nationals competition. If your athlete’s team earns a bid to the Summit or Worlds, on any type of bid, we will attend. Our level 5 teams will travel an additional time due to the lack of bid opportunities in the state. The focus of Steele Athletics will be centered on competing in the Denver area. Limited travel will allows us to do more community events, volunteer opportunities, and allow your athlete time to focus on school and family.


Will you be offering all levels?

Team availability will be determined on tryout numbers in each location. Steele Athletics is expecting to have all levels 1-5 and prep in both locations! You can expect our worlds team to stay out of our Denver location. This team will not be required to practice in multiple facilities.


Where will your facility be located?

Our Denver facility is located at 2200 E 77th Ave Ste. 300 Denver, CO 80229. Our Fort Collins facility is located at 148 2nd St SW Loveland, CO 80537. Come check us out!

Will you offer half-year teams? When are your tryouts?

Yes! We offer NCA Bound Half-Year teams. These teams will compete once in-state, then once at NCA Nationals in Dallas, Texas. We were able to win a NCA title in our first season! Tryouts for these teams are held in September! Check out our Half-Year NCA teams portion of our website for more information!